Finding Einasleigh

The Local Watering Hole
For those traveling from the coast we are:

375km from Cairns
330km Innisfail

To come join us for Easter at Einasleigh you head west from the Tablelands, come through the town of Mt Surprise and then take a left turn at the Einasleigh Short-cut (dirt road).

378 km from Townsville

To be apart of the Easter at Einasleigh fun, head out Harvey's Range Road, take a right to Greenvale and once you get to the Lynd Junction (Oasis Roadhouse) you take a right turn to Einasleigh off the Hann Highway.

Within an hour you'll be crossing the bridge over the Copperfield River and coming into the town of Einalseigh.

Once you come to a (T) intersection you take a right which will take you past the Copperfield Lodge Caravan Park and out to the Races & Rodeo camping grounds.

For some helpful maps and directions for your trip you might like to go to the RACQ Trip Planner website or go to the Etheridge Shire webpage, that has all the shire road up dates and other helpful information.