ABCRA Einasleigh Rodeo

8.30am Sunday 31st March 2024

Events on the day include:

Bull riding
Saddle Bronc
Steer Wrestling
Rope & Tie
Team Roping
Barrel Racing
Novice Barrel
Breakaway Roping
Steer Un-decorating
Junior Steer ride
Mini Bulls

This year all our cowboys will  Buck out on Bulls from Glenn Mosch, Rough Stock Horses from Warren Bethel & Warren Fry

Stay after the rodeo and enjoy some great live music.

Admission to the rodeo is covered in the $120 weekend fee. (Be sure to be wearing your wrist band.)

If you're only coming for the Sunday Rodeo, day admission will be $50 (collected at the main entrance to the camping grounds)
Under 16 years are a free admission.

Competitors Corner

Be sure to get your nominations into ABCRA icomplete. 

Following events:

$2000 Bull Ride Entry - $145 AB $50
$1500 Saddle Bronc, Bareback Entry- $129 AB $50
$1500 Steer Wrestling, Rope & Tie, Team Roping, Steer Un-decorating, Breakaway Roping,
Entry-$129 AB $50
$1500 Barrel Racing  Entry $110 AB $50
$800   Novice Barrel Race.   Entry $62. AB $30
$800   Novice Bull Ride. Entry $78 AB $30
$800.  Novice Bareback & Saddle Bronc Entry $78 AB $30
$400 Junior Bull Ride 14-U18  Entry $28
$200 Junior Steer Ride 11- U14 Entry $14
$100 Junior Steer Ride 8 - U11 Entry $11
$200 Juvenille Barrel Race 14-U18 Entry $22
$200 Junior Barrel Race 11-U14 Entry $14
$200 Junior Barrel Race U11 Entry $14
$400 Junior Breakaway 8-U18 Entry $27

Secretary's office will be open on Sunday from 8am

For all inquiries leading up to the event please contact Jenny Mosch.  PH 0419738189

If your hungry Monday morning come and have breakfast at the Races area and support the Einasleigh Progress Association.